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WalletHub Review – Scam or Legit

WalletHub originally called CardHub – a credit card comparison company is owned by Evolution Finance, a company founded in 2008, according to Bloomberg.  They launched in 2013, and are based in Washington DC. A lot of financial resources and tools have been designed to solve different financial problems humans might encounter, all in a bid to […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Savings Account

So, you want to build an emergency fund for rainy days, save for near-term goals like say a vacation or raising enough money to pay for a house and you’re thinking of opening a savings account to help store the money over the given period of time you’ll be saving for. Well, you’ve got a […]

8 (Eight) Mind-Blowing Ways to Save Money

The most difficult thing about starting to save money is getting started. Saving money can be hard; no doubt about that. Aries Jimenez; Financial Life Planner, says, “being a money saver as opposed to a money spender is a mindset that may not be natural to most people, however, it can be developed through practice”. […]

Want to Apply for a Personal Loan? Here are the Requirements to Getting It

So many dreams you’d want to turn into reality. You want to take that family vacation you’ve been delaying. You’re in need of a home renovation badly. Hmmm…I know it can be really difficult finding yourself financially in this current economy. Alot of people opt for getting a personal bank loan which is a good […]

How to Stop Being Broke

We all get stuck inside this rat race called life. Going around and around on our wheel like a caged hamster. We are moving forward, but never progressing. Every person reading this wants to be rich, to have wealth, to travel, to have big cars and live in posh homes, but the sad truth is […]

5 (Five) Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Advisor and Planner

Sometimes, you might not be able to decide on the proper mix of insurance, investments and the like after taking a look at your own financial state. This is where a good Financial Advisor comes into the picture. He/she would help you make broader-based investment recommendations based on extensive knowledge of your financial state, set […]