Top 19 Picture Quotes for Business Success

As beautiful as owning a successful business can be, the journey to business success isn’t always smooth. There are days when you will feel down and will need to be inspired so that you can continue pushing through obstacles and breaking limitations. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of the top 19 quotes […]

4 (Four) Ways to Reduce Stress in Business

Every Entrepreneur usually experiences a certain level of stress when starting out, and during the process of running their business. It’s inevitable. While stress can be normal sometimes, stress in excess will affect you in a negative way; your productivity, performance, health, and even relationships will take a hit. As you can’t get rid of […]

Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Darnell Hart, a 39 years old American Comedian, Movie Producer, Spokesman, and Actor, born on the 6th of July, 1979 is estimated to be worth $128Million. With a devoted fan base of more than 24 million Facebook followers and 52 million Instagram followers, he earns millions of dollars from film roles and endorsement deals, […]

WalletHub Review – Scam or Legit

WalletHub originally called CardHub – a credit card comparison company is owned by Evolution Finance, a company founded in 2008, according to Bloomberg.  They launched in 2013, and are based in Washington DC. A lot of financial resources and tools have been designed to solve different financial problems humans might encounter, all in a bid to […]

How Can You Motivate your Employees? – 7 (Seven) Ways to Help You Get Started

This is another issue a lot of businesses face in today’s world. Employees need to be constantly motivated to increase their productivity. A lot of business owners usually make the mistake of thinking that it would require a lot of resources, but that’s not always the case. Infact, just taking a few minutes of your […]

Solutions to the 3 (Three) Biggest Problems Facing Every Small Business

The biggest challenges in starting a business don’t hit when you’re just starting out, but rather in the process of managing the business over a long period of time. As you know, there are so many problems a small business can face, but these problems are not unsolvable. It was way easier to manage a […]

9 (Nine) Signs You’ll be Successful

There are no tricks involved here. You either possess these qualities or you don’t. Simple as that. Being successful becomes less difficult when you have the knowledge of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. There are signs that people who are successful in life usually exhibit, and these are what I’ll be showing you […]

Will Smith Net Worth

Will Smith has grown to become one of the most loved American Actors throughout his career. This 50 years old Actor, Rapper, and Song-Writer is estimated to be worth $250million. How did he gain so much wealth? How did he become one of the wealthiest and successful actors in the world? In a recent interview, […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Savings Account

So, you want to build an emergency fund for rainy days, save for near-term goals like say a vacation or raising enough money to pay for a house and you’re thinking of opening a savings account to help store the money over the given period of time you’ll be saving for. Well, you’ve got a […]

8 (Eight) Mind-Blowing Ways to Save Money

The most difficult thing about starting to save money is getting started. Saving money can be hard; no doubt about that. Aries Jimenez; Financial Life Planner, says, “being a money saver as opposed to a money spender is a mindset that may not be natural to most people, however, it can be developed through practice”. […]

Want to Apply for a Personal Loan? Here are the Requirements to Getting It

So many dreams you’d want to turn into reality. You want to take that family vacation you’ve been delaying. You’re in need of a home renovation badly. Hmmm…I know it can be really difficult finding yourself financially in this current economy. Alot of people opt for getting a personal bank loan which is a good […]

DJ Khaled Net Worth

LAST UPDATED: 2018 What is the net worth of this American Record Producer, Rapper, Record Label Executive and CEO/Founder of We the Best Music Group whose real name is Khaled bin Abdul Khalid? Well, in 2015, he was said to be worth less than $8million. He then moved up to worth over $10million in 2016. […]

6 (Six) Key Principles to Take your Small Business to the Next Level; from Ordinary to Extraordinary

How would I take my business from the ordinary to the extraordinary? A lot of entrepreneurs out there ask this same question every day. There’s too much to keep track of and this makes it difficult to have an extraordinary business. It’s possible actually and the transition phase from startup to a successful business can […]

How to Avoid Distraction and Stay Focused and Motivated on Goals and Priorities in Life

It’s hard to stay focused on your goals. At first, you’re motivated but over time, that motivation begins to wear off, then distraction sets in. You get caught up, stuck, frustrated and eventually veer off track. Staying focused has never been an easy task for the human mind. It’s easier to let life get the […]