4 (Four) Ways to Reduce Stress in Business

4 (Four) Ways to Reduce Stress in Business

4 (Four) Ways to Reduce Stress in Business


Every Entrepreneur usually experiences a certain level of stress when starting out, and during the process of running their business. It’s inevitable. While stress can be normal sometimes, stress in excess will affect you in a negative way; your productivity, performance, health, and even relationships will take a hit. As you can’t get rid of it, you will have to learn to work your way around it.

A major cause of stress in business is constantly worrying.  Worry and Stress work hand in hand. They’re like sisters; wherever you find the former, there you’ll find the latter. It can also occur when you have a lot of work to do that none, eventually, gets done. Other causes include working long hours, a tight deadline that needs to be met, and also a pressure to meet an expectation.

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Know that you’re not alone in this. It is part of what you’re to expect as an entrepreneur, in as much as you’ll always want everything to be perfect in your business. Stress issues will always arise from working with your people or even working long days.

The main thing here is that you learn to handle it. For what it’s worth, I’m still dealing with stress, but on a considerably lesser level. I’ve learned to work my way around it so that, it won’t affect my businesses.

From my personal experience, I’ll show you how to deal with stress without it shutting you down.

1. Stop working yourself to the bones

Overworking causes stress, so, you’ll need to learn to stop yourself. Although you’d always feel the need to work 24/7, don’t listen to that impulse feeling. You’ll end up burning yourself.

Whether you’re in the process of starting a business or you’re currently running your own business, regularly take time off, because, a lot of work will still be involved, with stress just around the corner. This time off is your personal time to unwind and relax. You are expected to take it as seriously as you’d take your work time.

During work time, prioritize your work by listing out everything you’ll need to do, then, arrange them in their order of importance. Remove those unnecessary, and time-wasting tasks that have no positive effect on you and your business, then focus fully on the rest.

2. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

As an Entrepreneur, especially at the early stage of your business, it’s easy to think that you can do everything by yourself. You might have it going well for you at first, but as your business grows, it will become more difficult to do everything by yourself.

As you grow, it’s important that you know your limit, so that, you can know when to invest in outsourcing different tasks in your business. This will help you manage your time well, and also ease your workload. You can consider hiring help either full-time or part-time if you find yourself working 24/7.

Doing this will definitely reduce workload stress to the minimum, with more free time at your disposal.

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3. Start exercising regularly

This is a great cure for stress. When you exercise, you sweat, and your heart rate increases – this helps to lift up your mood, refine your focus, and puts your mind and body in a relaxing state. Try to fit into your schedule you spending at least 30 minutes exercising four times a week.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation during work time, take a break and take a walk to help you recover. Remember that you’ll also need to make smart food choices during work days. Wrong choices can contribute to stress. Eating well will help you maintain your blood sugar, keep you focused, and help you avoid mood swings.

4. Always get enough sleep

You need to get enough sleep most especially at night; at least 8 hours a night. That’s the minimum number of hours needed to function at your best. Skipping sleep over a period of time can cause stress. Try as much as possible to reduce working late night, so that you can go to bed early; even if you’re waking up very early, you’d have had enough sleep before your alarm goes off.

Be sure to avoid any kind of stressful activities before bedtime. Perhaps you can try reading, or listen to soft music before sleep to help calm you.

Stress isn’t a bad thing actually, but the moment it starts interfering with your overall performance, then there’s a problem. If you don’t take action against it on time, it will destroy your mind and body, and go straight ahead to ruin your business. Don’t allow this happen before you do something about it.

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